45 Bd de la Croisette
06400 Cannes

Useful info

Find the RTL beach at 45 Bd de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes, across the road from the Celine and Fendi stores.
If you’re looking for us on google maps, type in CBeach Plage Restaurant Cannes.





Who is behind the RTL beach?

The RTL beach is a project created by RTL AdAlliance and supported by several partners: AdAlliance, M6, Strategies, CB News, NBCUniversal, ACT, WFA, IAA, Kantar, CIMM, Egta

What’s on offer at the RTL beach?

Over the course of the entire week, we will offer a wide range of keynotes, panel discussions and other opportunities for sharing creative inspiration. The RTL Beach is also the perfect place to network in a welcoming environment. Discover the full schedule here.

Where can I find the RTL beach?

We are located at 45 Boulevard de la Croisette, in the centre of the beach. See the map above for more details.

Who can get access?

If you’re interested in our content, simply register and we’ll welcome you on the beach in June.

How much does the access cost?

The access to our beach is completely free!

What’s included in my ticket?

Full access to all of our talks, panels, discussions as well as a range of networking opportunities. However, the beach will be privatised for certain events.

I have a Cannes Lions 2023 ticket, can I access the RTL Beach?

A Cannes Lions 2023 ticket will not give you access to our RTL Beach but it is simple and free to register to join us!

I am a journalist, can I come to the RTL beach?

We welcome all media formats to come create press on the beach.