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Discover all the inspiring panels and talks from the RTL Beach, the top creative hub of the Cannes Lions 2022 with amazing guests and media experts.

The Power of Total Video

Joining Forces

Content & Creativity

 Responsibility & Purpose

Macroeconomic influences

The first half of 2022 has delivered record ad spend in numerous markets – along with steep rises in the cost of living across the globe. What does this unusual macroeconomic situation mean for our industry and what are the long-term trends to expect? Experts including leading forecaster Brian Wieser share their thoughts.


Speakers: Brian Wieser (Global President, Business Intelligence
GroupM), Daniel Bischoff (CMOO RTL AdConnect)

Where are we at with cross-media measurement?

Hear perspectives from the people driving innovative cross-media measurement initiatives, including CBS’s Radha Subramanyam and Guillaume Belmas, co-Founder of Realytics. Together they discuss what progress has been made to date, and what the latest developments mean for marketing effectiveness and advertising budgets.

Speakers: Guillaume Belmas (CEO & Co-founder,Realytics), Radha Subramanyam (Chief Research and Analytics Officer at CBS Corp), Jean-Baptiste Moggio (Marketing Director,RTL AdConnect)

Is CTV the Savior for Legacy Media Companies?

While linear TV is being challenged in terms of viewing, content production and advertising shares, can new CTV platforms keep legacy media companies relevant and will they be good caretakers of consumers by not corrupting the viewing experience?


Speakers: Joanna O’ Connell (VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester), Stephen Byrne (Managing Director Nordics, AdTech & Platform Partnerships, smartclip), Pam Zucker (SVP, Head of Marketing, Amobee)

You can’t do it alone! A new partnership for Europe

A discussion with the Tech Alliance around the power of alliances to generate marketplace transformation. Today’s landscape demands new partnerships that allows different companies to come to market with a shared solution to best serve the market needs.

Speakers: Volker Helm (Head of Amobee EMEA), Pieter van den Bergh (Executive Director Europe | Demand, smartclip), Jack Bamberger (Chief Commercial Officer, Amobee) 

Answering the uncertainty of the industry with alliances

The media landscape has never been more complex, and advertisers have never demanded more from the media industry. Against this backdrop, business alliances are transforming the marketplace and ushering in a new wave of innovation of effectiveness. The media industry has seen a wave of new alliances in 2022 – including RTL’s own partnership with NBC Universal. Discover what’s driving this trend, where it’s headed and why it’s great news for advertisers across the globe. Featuring KC Sullivan, President of Global Advertising at NBC Universal.

Speakers: Stéphane Coruble (CEO of RTL AdConnect), Oliver Vesper (co-CEO of smartclip), KC Sullivan (President & Managing Director Global Advertising & Partnerships, NBCUniversal), Jane Austin (Founder of Persuasion Communications) 

The Power of Alliances

Today’s landscape demands new partnerships that allow different companies to come to market with a shared solution to best serve the market needs.

Speakers: Dan Callahan (SVP Data Strategy & Sales Innovation, Fox), Halvard Kristiansen (Managing Director Nordics, Demand & Advertising Partnerships, smartclip), Travis Hockersmith (VP Platform+, Vizio), Tim Spengler (GM, Advanced TV Solutions, Amobee)

The new life of the living room:
Global trends from Europe and the US

You might need to rethink everything you know about the role television plays in our homes after this session. Using exclusive new research, a panel of experts looks at evolving viewing habits in 14 countries – and the opportunities and challenges these changes create for advertisers.

Speakers: Shira Leffel (Executive Director Europe Marketing & Product Education, smartclip), Daniel Bischoff, CMOO, RTL AdConnect), Cammy Cronin, Senior VP Global Ad Sales Strategy, NBCUniversal), Sebastian Busse, Director Addressable TV International, smartclip)

Three become one: behind the scenes at an industry merger

Be the first to hear the latest about RTL Group’s merger of smartclip and IMS with RTL AdConnect. At this session we reveal the unit’s new brand name, and why it’s good news for international advertisers and their media planners and buyers.

Speakers: Stéphane Coruble (CEO of RTL AdConnect),Oliver Vesper (co-CEO of smartclip), Ton Rozestraten (CEO of  Ad Alliance), Stefanie Meierfrankenfeld (Managing Director at G+J iMS)

Creative masterclass

Find out about the latest advertising trends at this creativity masterclass designed especially for marketers. Led by creative strategists from Contagious, you’ll discover why talking about brand values, not benefits, is the best way to connect to audiences, and learn how to remove obstacles to creativity. The presentation will be followed with a panel discussion about the state of creativity and the challenges after a 2-year pandemic, during which brand experts will share their perspective on how advertisers should speak to their audiences in 2022.

Bringing creativity to advertising through powerful brand partnerships

Audiences love a really great ad, but true marketing effectiveness comes from building 360° content experiences of the highest creative standards. Discover how brands, media owners and production companies can make this ambition a reality, and give consumers campaigns they don’t want to miss.

Why it should matter to a purpose brand where they advertise

Why brand suitability is crucial for a brand with purpose.

The value of connection

Attention has become the latest buzzword in media metrics, but can it really be measured and will it give us a true view of the impact of campaigns? Amplified Intelligence CEO Karen Nelson-Field dismantles the misconceptions and myths about advertising effectiveness and attention, and reveals the findings of the company’s latest research.

Tourism in the Post-Covid World – and how media can help in the process

A panel discussion looking at the complex challenges for travel marketers. How can powerful brand partnerships play a role as the industry recovers from the pandemic and juggles the sustainability imperative with consumer desire for adventurous new experiences?

Value based planning and Buying

Does your brand equity pyramid include guidance for values-based marketing and media? For a brand to thrive and be loved by its constituency today, it must not just live up to its brand promise; it must also conduct business in a “values-based” manner: support sustainability, include minority-owned media, fight against misinformation, and more. This panel will discuss what values-based planning and buying mean to succeed.

Exploring advertisers’ expectations of media players

Driving positive change through responsible marketing

What is the role of the creative community in driving positive change, tackling sustainability issues & DEI topics? How can we understand changing consumer behaviour and connect with much more committed and demanding audiences in terms of transparency, brand values, environmental and social responsibility? But also, how can brands define their purpose and shift beyond altruism, translating this work into profit?

Responsible tech and climate neutral advertising

What is the role of tech in driving a positive change in advertising? Are tech and climate neutrality compatible? Do we need more innovation or do we need more restraint, measure and simplicity in the way we consume, in the way we do advertising and reach our consumers? In a world where consumers are over exposed to content and advertising, and platforms of all sorts, what does adtech have to offer? How do we solve the climate crisis at the level of our industry?

Inclusive advertising that reaches everyone

Inclusive representation – why we need greater visibility of disabled groups / positive and diverse depictions of disabled people. The importance of representing and reflecting the disabled community in advertising / greater diversity in on-screen representation in TV advertising Accessibility – ensuring media, particularly TV advertising, is accessible to disabled people, including the vision/hearing impaired, through the provision of access services, such as closed-captions, audio-description and sign language. Why it is important to include disabled people in TV audiences through accessibility