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About RTL AdAlliance

RTL AdAlliance is the impactful outcome created by the merging of three powerful and well implanted media companies.
We encompass an extensive and high-caliber advertising offer including TV, Print and Digital for international advertisers in search for quality. We also provide innovative and smart monetisation solutions with tailored adtech for media owners.

Why RTL AdAlliance?


At RTL AdAlliance our mantra is ‘only the best partners are good enough’.
We ensure brand safety thanks to secured platforms, curated content, and long-term partnerships with premium brands.
We know that the advertising materials will align well with our partner’s productions, be it audio, print or great fiction and entertainment productions. These will ensure a high-quality experience for the consumers.


In an evolving and challenging media world it is important for us to keep an innovative mindset. Our goal is to bring the most up to date and relevant advertising products like addressable or connected TV to our clients.


Creating and sharing knowledge is another priority for us. We help you make the smartest marketing decisions for your brand, by providing you with our exclusive research as well as essential resources from the media market. And thanks to our fact driven and skilled team of experts, you will be equipped with local and global insights.


We can give you the power of going global through our network of international partners, while helping you understanding the specificities of the local markets.
To make your lives even easier we provide you through only one touch point an easy access to creative advertising offers and our wide total media portfolio.